About Us

Welcome to the Hutchinson Group, I’m Richard Hutchinson, founder and CEO.

Our mission is rooted in the belief that it’s our collective responsibility to care for the world and that each of us has the power to make a difference. At the Hutchinson Group, we establish enterprises that actively seek opportunities to effect significant change for a better world. These include:

The Relocatable Home Co.

With a strong focus on leaving a positive legacy for future generations, our flagship business, The Relocatable Home Co. was founded by my mother, Chrissey, and me. Our vision was to provide more New Zealanders with the opportunity to own their own homes. We firmly believe that increased homeownership leads to better family environments, stronger communities, and brighter futures.

The Relocatable Home Co. has been operating for over 10 years now and is a business that stands firm to its values and moves in excess of 100 houses a year. Relocating these houses has also given us the opportunity to be able to divert building construction materials from ending up in landfill.

Goodwood Woodwaste Solutions

Alongside The Relocatable Home Co., my father Bill’s passion for taking care of the land he farmed as well as the animals, was the catalyst for the creation of Goodwood Woodwaste Solutions. Bill and I established Goodwood to recycle untreated timber waste, preventing it from occupying landfill space while creating value-added wood products.

Through hard work, dedication, and successful partnerships with local and central governments, Goodwood has diverted over 30,000 tonnes of untreated wood waste from landfills since its inception in 2015. Our products serve the agricultural, horticultural, landscaping, and commercial infrastructure industries.

Jack House Transit

In 1896, George Jack established the oldest building removal company still in operation in New Zealand today. After passing the reins to his son Vic, the Jack House Transit legacy continued for three more generations, with Aaron Jack and his father Des as the last Jack family members to lead the company.

Today, Jack House Transit proudly belongs to NZ-owned The Hutchinson Group, which is committed to promoting a better world and seeking opportunities to effect positive change. The Hutchinson family has a long history of involvement in house removal, dating back to the late 1800s when a family member participated in moving a building through the streets of Kihikihi. We are honoured to continue the Jack family legacy as part of The Hutchinson Group.

Our Core Values

Across The Hutchinson Group of companies, we drive all our decisions by our core values:

  • Seek and Effect Change
  • Be Creative and Innovative
  • Be Adventurous No Boundaries
  • Be Resourceful – There’s 100 Different Ways
  • Keep the Fun – Live Life!

Our Vision

These values support our vision:

  • Project 180: Relocating 180 homes annually
  • 5,000 families in homes by 2030
  • Recycling 1 million tonnes of materials by 2030

To create and effect great change, a community effort across the private business and public sector is required. If you feel that our businesses and yours would align well on this goal, contact me here.

Richard Hutchinson - CEO